Demolitions and works with asbestos.

In Mugadas we perform demolitions of all kind of buildings and construction. We have staff with sufficient training and expertise in these works, with the necessary machinery and we manage the waste coming from these works.

Also, we are specialized and homologated to carry out manipulation works, removal, packaging and transportation of asbestos.

We have the RERA Code 02/A6/12 which accredit us to can realise extractions of all type of fibre cement: plates, barrels, roofs, down pipes, friable asbestos. We offer you assessment during all the process to fulfil the required administrative permits, work plans and/or safety plans, communications to the corresponding public departments.

We have staff with specific formation in works with elements containing asbestos, as well all the technical material defined in the current protocol: Decontamination Units, homologated bags and packaging’s, EPI’S…